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Why choose AutoStix®?

  • ✓ Up to 10.000 cuttings per hour
  • ✓ A uniform and high quality result
  • ✓ Process innovations


What is AutoStix®?

Visser developed a revolutionary system to automate the process of the sticking of cuttings, AutoStix®. Together with one of the biggest cutting producers in the world, Visser developed a system which can create great efficiency in your nursery. The system consists of a newly developed patented transplanter and a compatible special patented strip and tray that complete the system and create a turnkey concept. AutoStix® is based on the newly developed AutoStix® Strip. The cuttings that are harvested from the mother stock, can directly be stuck in the AutoStix® Strip.

The AutoStix® Strip is a product which degrades over time. The strip has been designed to enhance and guide the development of the root system. The strip can hold cuttings with different stem diameters, yet the strip can still position the stems firmly without damaging the soft tissue.

The strip is available in two types: one strip can hold 51 cuttings and the other can hold 34 cuttings. The system works best on 102 counts (either 51×2=102 or 34×3=102). The cuttings can be shipped at a high density, yet still providing an air space for each individual stem, due to the design of the strip. This enhances quality in the process. The cuttings can be shipped efficiently to the nursery that will further process the cuttings and grow them.


Providing you a turn-key solution with strip and machine


Providing you a turn-key solution with strip and machine


How will AutoStix® improve your process?

Peak seasons

AutoStix® helps you to get the job done in the 10-12 weeks during peak season when millions of cuttings need to get stuck.



The strip makes counting cuttings easier. Workers can immediately see that they’ve got 34 or 51 cuttings in a strip. No short or overfilled bags.


Using AutoStix® provides you with an optimal uniformity of your product. First of all, a visual check during the loading of the strip is now very easy. By checking the different cuttings in the strip for uniform heights, a first uniformity and consistency check is in place. Then, later in the process when transplanting: each and every plant is being planted at the exact same depth, which enhances the uniform growth of your cuttings.


The machines remove the challenge of finding and training a workforce to stick the cuttings at the rooting stations where seasonal staff is more difficult to find than in offshore locations. Due to the further standardized process less labour is required.



The dedicated nursery can use AutoStix® to automatically transplant the cuttings. The strips go in the machine and the machine cuts off each cell and transplants both the
cell and the plant in the new plug, pot or tray. Because of the unique character of the strip the cell will degrade over time.

AutoStix® opens the opportunity to transplant big and leafy plants without damaging the leaves with traditional grippers. The cutting device in the machine does not touch the leaves. The special gripper will pick up the plant by the cell and not ‘in’ the cell, as occurs in traditional systems. This special transplanter has multiple infeeds for singulated strips.

The machine can run both available strips, only by adjusting the settings on the user friendly Siemens touch screen.
The production capacity is up to 12.000 cuttings per hour, per 6 head stripplanter machine.

The machine can plant 3 different modules for mixed liners in a 50mm liner. For a very efficient process through the entire supply chain, the machine can also automatically plant labels in the strip.

Who already supplies cuttings in AutoStix®?

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